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Hey John,
Great book! I figured I would give it a try and just one of your tips saved me $20.00 on my first trip to Firestone for an oil change and coolant flush! I can imagine how much I'm going to save in the future! I wish I would have found your book sooner.
Rich Castro
Aurora, CO

I wanted to let you know that I think your book saved me over $200.00. I went in to get my brakes fixed and the shop quoted me over $700.00 for the repair. After talking to the service manager and using some of the ideas in your book they ended up fixing my brakes for $475.00 and the brakes are working just fine! Thank you.
Tammy Pearson
Parker, CO

Hi John,
Thank you. Like yourself I have spent most of my life in the auto repair industry. I have also read about some of the books that make all of us out to be crooks! I saw your ad and figured that as cheap as your book is I would buy it just to check it out. It's great, it shows the customer how to be an informed customer without teaching them to think their shop is out to rip them off! I think every customer I deal with at work should read your book, can I duplicate it for them?
Tom Mack
Service Manager
Littleton, CO
(a note from John: I did give Tom my permission to duplicate the book for use in dealing with his customers )



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