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Thousands of people have had the opportunity to save hundred of dollars per year on their auto repair bills! Discover the same secrets today!

I realize there are a lot of web sites trying to sell you information on how to save thousands on buying cars, leasing cars, car insurance and getting your car repaired! Most of them are parts of large internet marketing companies and are designed with one purpose, to get you to buy additional material from that company! Where do you get good auto repair advice? Where can you get the answer to your auto repair question? How can you get the best auto repair service and the lowest auto repair estimate?

This auto repair manual is different! It's purpose is to show you how to save on auto repair, find a good mechanics and repair shops and get quality auto repairs. It does not contain hundreds of pages telling you how to start your own  automotive consulting company or get out of speeding tickets! It tells you the advantages of automotive dealerships and independent repair shops in different situations. It shows the advantages of ASE certified technicians. It does not tell you how many auto repair rip-offs and auto repair scams there are in the auto repair industry because, simply, there are very few dishonest garages that engage in auto repair ripoffs and most of them learn to change their ways or fail almost immediately.

This eighty nine page book simply gives you a clear, concise plan to get the most for your auto repair dollar. It's author, John Hogan,  has over 30 years in the auto repair business and currently still works in the automotive industry! He is not looking to get rich as an Internet Marketing Guru, he simply wishes to pass his expertise along to you for a very reasonable cost!! 

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