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My name is John Hogan. I entered the automotive business in 1970 at the age of 16 when I started working part time at a gas station while I was in high school. I enjoyed the job and learned quickly that cars are a very important part of everyone's life. Since then I have been a technician (I am still ASE Certified), I have managed independent repair shops and a Jeep dealership service department, I spent 10 years as the general manager for a 13 shop Midas franchise and now run my own consulting business - Auto Repair Consultants.

In short, I know the auto repair business inside and out. Over the years it has always angered me to see the publicity concerning rip-off and scams that are supposed to be common occurrences in the industry. Most money wasted in the auto repair industry is due to Mis-communication!!  Now that I have my own business I decided to write a book that will help you, the consumer do one thing:


That is the only thing this book deals with, it does not talk about insurance, buying cars or getting out of tickets. But it does tell you how to Save Money when you have to get your car repaired! It will tell you how to resolve problems when you get your car repaired! And it will give you my insider knowledge on how to find a good repair shop!

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